Security and Safety

Please take the time to carefully read the information below for your personal awareness and safety:


All room outlets are 220V.  Bathroom shaving plugs are 220V and 110V.  Safety regulations prohibit the use of personal appliances in our hotel rooms.  We would appreciate your cooperation and compliance with these requirements.

Emergency Exit

In case of fire or any other emergency, you will find a floor plan on the inside of your main guestroom door detailing your current room position and the nearest emergency exit.  All exits are clearly marked with illuminated signage.

Fire Detection and Alarm

The building has a fire detection and alarm system. It is essential that during any emergency, as a guest, you remain calm and act on the advice and directions given by the hotel staff.  In case of emergency, dial 100 for the hotel operator.

Swimming Pool & Fitness Centre

Please carefully read the safety signs located in the swimming pool area.  Never leave children unattended.

Safety Deposit Boxes

Valuables can be deposited in your in-room safety deposit box.  The management declines any responsibility for valuables or items missing in your rooms that are not secured by the safety deposit box.